Anuhya Korrapati is Doctoral Scholar with Junior Research Fellowship at Christ University, Bengaluru. She is the joint secretary at IHEPA and is a youth advisory board member at IAPMD. 

The Menstrual-Mental Health Movement is a new wave of menstrual activism that aims to tackle the twin stigma of menstruation and mental health while consciously looking through the lens of the gender spectrum. BeyondBlood was founded to elevate the medical discourse and social discussion beyond the exaggerated need for sanitary napkins to address the erasure of menstrual experiences and the disregard for holistic wellbeing.


Project Development Coordinator

BeyondBlood attempts to challenge the stigma that is associated with menstruation and provide a better understanding of its relationship with an all-inclusive approach to one’s health and well-being, further aspiring to include non-menstruators into this Menstrual-Mental Health Movement.

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Project Lead - Menstruation and Media
Translation Support Volunteer - Kannada

Siri is a graduate of international business economics and has worked as a journalist. Her interests lie in music, reading and learning new languages. Through the menstruation and media project, she hopes to bring about a change in social discourse by discussing the representation and lack thereof of menstruation in media today. It is important to step outside the confines of already established cultural and linguistic ideologies to achieve progress.


Project Lead - Queering Menstruation

Himani is a passionate and talented faculty member of the Department of Economics at Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, Bengaluru.

She is currently working on the use of sustainable menstrual hygiene products as a part of her M.Phil thesis. Her study incorporates aspects of experimental investigations within an economic environment to test the impact of individual decision making and behaviour towards the multiple sustainable menstrual products available. 



Team Lead - Menstruation at Workplace

Diksha holds her MSc in Business Psychology. Being an advocate of mental health in workplace, her aim is to aid people build nurturing workplace cultures. Menstruation affects a person physically and mentally both; and is often overlooked in a workplace in terms of infrastructure and policies. With Beyond Blood, this screaming need for acknowledgement and adjustments to cater to menstruating workforce will be addressed. 





Geetanjali is a freelance journalist and writer. She is currently working toward becoming a social researcher and documentary filmmaker. Following a degree in Media Studies, she pursued a Master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Guwahati. Earlier this year, she completed her Master's thesis titled 'Choice, Agency and Resistance: Lives of Female Sex Workers of Budhwar Peth'. Also an activist, Geetanjali enjoys reading books, writing poetry and prose, and having conversations on peace, gender, sexuality and social dialectics. On better days of the month, she is always up for dancing or learning a new sport.


Curriculum Development

Devika is a Counseling Psychologist by training, she graduated from Tata Institute of Social Sciences and has done her Diploma in Community Mental Health from NIMHANS. 

She holds a keen interest in women's mental health and through her practice she hopes to contribute to contribute building a safe space for womxn. 


Curriculum Development

Tania Kapoor works as a therapist for children and adolescents with special needs, primarily those with social communication and behavioral concerns. Recently, she has also extended her work for counselling for young adults as well. She holds a Masters degree in Applied Psychology with a specialization in Clinical Psychology from Delhi University. Tania absolutely loves dancing, and says she can often be found dancing wherever there is good music. Given her own experience with PMDD, she wishes to raise awareness and start a conversation around menstruation and mental health through this program.



Yeshaswini is a Master's student of Health Psychology from University of Hyderabad. Her key interests lie in health, psychopathology, gender and sexuality studies, and policy building. 



Pranita is a writer, a musician, and currently finishing up their Master's in Clinical Psychology.  They are a proficient guitarist, they teach music to those who want to learn while performing with their band and also on their social media channels. They also use their social media to amplify and create anti-caste content. They're 22 years old, and are comfortable with the pronouns they/them & she/her.


Design and Development

Sapna recently completed her post graduation in MBA hospital and health management from IIHMR UNIVERSITY JAIPUR sapna is also pursuing her post graduate diploma in medical law and ethics from NLSIU bangalore. Sapna has interned with Punjab health system corporation mohali, completed dissertation project on "establishing covid care centres and administrative management in district hospital"
She has volunteered with various organizations ( HIVE india, RHA india and Contree jaipur). Sapna is also a youth ki awaz action Network fellow. Sapna has been raising menstrual awareness among young girls and women in jaipur city from past 2 years, A strong advocate of women empowerment she believes in the power of 4Es viz., Explore Evolve Examine Emerge. "In all you do, be sure you are evolving girl! You evolve when you explore".


Content Creator

Namrata is a videographer/editor based out of Mumbai. She believe that bold vulnerability is what gets her going and a huge part of that idea is being honest about her PMDD. She was diagnosed with PMDD three years ago and has been working on managing it since then. She can usually be found binge watching and hoarding on stationery and history books.


Advocacy Campaign Strategy

Sonal Jain is a menstrual health advocate and lives with PCOS & PMDD. She currently works in the capacity of a co-founder at Boondh, a social enterprise working in menstrual health along the verticals of literacy, advocacy, activism and sustainable products. Their work of building menstrual life skills among menstruators across socio-cultural strata  is informed by an intersectional feminist, culturally sensitive, multi-stakeholder and informed choice approach) and has been a MHH (Menstrual Health & Hygiene) facilitator since 2013. Her previous work includes facilitating teams for World Merit UK in the space of environment sustainability and education. She is a Laureate Global Fellow 2018, a World Merit fellow 2015, and a recipient of Microsoft Youthspark Challenge for Change -Global Award 2015, among other prestigious international fellowships. Her work on SDG 12 has been presented at the UN in New York City in 2016. Her everyday activities include empowering conversations and living mindfully.


Design and Development

Kshema has been living with PMDD for many years and has been a strong advocate for menstrual health and mental wellbeing. With the invisible disability being a constant companion for over 10 years, she believes that advocacy and research is the way forward to make the invisible, visible and not okay, legitimate. She holds a Masters in Development and has been engaging with gender & labour rights advocacy and research in  art and cinema spaces.





Menstruation and Mental Health

Alisha is currently pursuing an MA degree in Women's Studies at TISS, Hyderabad. She has previously interned with an NGO working for women and child welfare and has also worked with the Government of Telangana for a project as as a part of her curriculum.  Her interest in the "Menstruation and Mental" project comes from her realisation of the existing dearth of knowledge in that area. She also stresses on willing to change the univocal understanding of physical discomforts and mental health during menstruation by engaging in and encouraging dialogue. Together, she believes, we can associate mental wellness with menstruation by creating a taboo-free, safe space.



Queering Menstruation

Piuli is currently pursuing her Master’s as the School of Gender Studies, TISS Hyderabad. With a Bachelors’ in Sociology, she has always been keen on understanding people, relationships and identities in the context of socio-political forces that shape them. Piuli aspires to dismantle the gender system through academic contributions, which she believes should shape politics and policy. She has previously worked with CRY, Human Rights Law Network, the State of Telangana and Gaysi Family. She has presented papers on gendered subversion in visual culture and on hegemonic masculinity. Through the ‘Queering Menstruation’ project, she aims to study the influence of cultures surrounding menstruation on queer identities. Her hobbies include watching films, observing art and lifting weights.

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Menstruation At Workplace

Navjot is an intersectional feminist currently pursuing his Masters in Women's Studies from TISS, Hyderabad. Previously, he has contributed to designing policy regarding the safety of women living in hostels and PGs under the Telangana State Government.

Navjot is also co-founder of Hiccup, an Indian menstrual cup company that advocates for sustainable menstruation, intersectionalities and high-quality menstrual health

As a non-menstruating ally, he is working with BeyondBlood to design a
menopause sensitisation workshop for people professionals at workplaces. With this, he intends to make offices menopause-friendly and cultivate a supportive framework for menstruators.

When Navjot is not being a feminist killjoy, he can be found
making wood-fired pizza ovens.

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Menstruation At Workplace

Nirajana Sinha is a final year undergraduate student of Political Science in Presidency University, Kolkata.  She is extremely interested and passionate about gender studies and gender politics.  Her areas of interest are the studies of politics governing the public/private sphere divide and the power dynamics involved, along with studying and analyzing the intricacies of exploitation of women's labour and abuse. 
As a rape survivor, she works actively in creating and promoting safe space for women and tries fighting sexual harassment and abuse in both public and private spheres, with whatever little resources available to her. She is also extremely interested in grassroot level activism.
She has previously written papers on the historiography of Partition of India using a gendered and post-colonial lens along with her peers and on tourism, religion  and other global phenomenons, through a feminist perspective.  
Her other areas of interest include singing, painting, playing badminton and chess and intently watching sunsets.

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Menstruation and Media

Ekata (she/her), originally from West Bengal, is a final year Master's student of Society and Culture at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT, Gandhinagar. She completed her B.A. in Social Sciences from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad. Ekata's research interests include Gender and Sexuality, Film Studies, and Social Psychology. She has previously interned in the fields of Intersectional Feminism, Menstrual Health, and Sex Education. Currently, she is working on her M.A. thesis which looks at the depiction of alternate masculinities in Bollywood cinema.

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Project Coordination Intern

Fiza Farheen is a final year student of BA in Media Studies, Optional English and Psychology at Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous, Bangalore. 
Fiza is intrested in topics like Food History and Film Analysis and has worked on projects involving both. She believes fiercely that only by being intersectional in approach can we achieve true equality. She has previously volunteered at MITU (Multiple Initiatives Towards Women) and interned at Radio Active 90.4 MHz as an RJ and a content writer. 
She hopes to someday work in the United Nations as a translator/interpretor and is currently in pursuit of mastering French, Welsh and Arabic.



Visibility Project - PCOS

I am a post graduate from the school of development from Azim Premji University, Bangalore. I have done under graduation in Economics from St. Teresa’s College, Kerala. I consider myself as a learner, trying to learn and unlearn from the shackles of the patriarchal conditioning that I was brought up in. An aspiring bureaucrat, I’ll be seen solving soduku puzzles if I am not seen in front of the books. I am passionate about theatre and music and also a part of the media platform PopCult.tribe, that aims to universalize Malayalam pop culture.



Visibilty Project - PCOS

Vaidehi is a post-graduate in International Studies. She has experience in the education sector and currently works as a capacity-building fellow at a non-profit organization in Bengaluru. She lives with PCOS and wishes to raise awareness and tackle misinformation about PCOS. She has written papers on the Women, Peace and Security agenda. She is an anti-capitalist, intersectional feminist who loves cats, coffee, chocolate, and the colour pink. She enjoys binge-watching K-dramas and cat videos, reading feminist fiction, and learning new languages.



Adaptive Clothing for Menstruators

Supriya Gaikwad is pursuing B.Des Fashion Designing at School Of Fashion Technology, Pune. She strives for sustainable products and ideas through natural processes. She is skilled in Adobe photoshop, Adobe illustration, stitching and sewing techniques, fine arts, face painting and styling. Her interest lies in literature, creating fashion blogs and write ups, designing magazine cover pages,and fashion photography. Her  proficiency is in craft research and development, material studies,garment construction and stylised fashion illustration and presentation.



Our Volunteers translate PMDD Patient Resources from English to various regional languages in India. This project is in collaboration with IAPMD  























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