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Lonepack is an NGO run by a group of passionate youngsters who aim to spread awareness about mental health issues and help people dealing with the same.

The ten-day collaboration with Lonepack focused on the link between menstruation and mental health, concentrating on the origins of menstrual psychology, PMS, PMDD, PME, body image and suicide ideation in PMDD.

The campaign was run on Instagram and helped us reach wider audience, which received an overwhelming response from women who experienced the ‘light-bulb moment’ upon hearing about PMDD.

We are happy to have collaborated with Lonepack as we were able to provide support to the women who have contacted us. Additionally, we were able to raise awareness about menstruation and mental health.


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The International Association For Premenstrual Disorders (IAPMD) began as a collective of fellow suffers and has grown into a global resource for anyone impacted by the core premenstrual disorders: Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and Premenstrual Exacerbation of underlying disorders.

The collaboration with IAPMD focuses on translating patient resources into Indian regional languages to enable access to women across the country seeking support resources for PMDD and PME.

The first phase of the translations are in Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam. We aspire to translate these resources in more Indian languages as the project expands.


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I.C.E - Indian Centre for Endometriosis

The Indian Centre for Endometriosis (ICE) is an educational resource about endometriosis, for patients as well as physicians. It serves to raise awareness and destabilize older preconceived notions that have perpetuated through the years.



The Period Hub organised a session on Womb Wellness at Vodafone for the Women's day celebrations where they covered a range of topics on womb wellness, sustainable menstruation and PCOS. 

BeyondBlood provided scientific, evidence based information on PCOS for the Womb Wellness session. The PCOS session covered prevalence, symptoms, long-term effects, dominant hormones that impact the symptoms of PCOS, Rotterdam diagnostic criteria, the timeline of diagnosis criteria, tests used in diagnosis and Rotterdam PCOS phenotype's. 

The session also covered the impact of PCOS on mental health and sex as conversations on PCOS should look at complete health and well being of the people living with PCOS. The session ended with the audiences sharing their journey and experiences of managing PCOS while navigating through misinformation and insensitive doctors who prescribe hormonal pills.




Anuhya Korrapati from BeyondBlood partnered with Orikalankini to deliver a webinar session on Mental Health and Menstruation on 13th May, 2020 as part of the 'Leaning into the network series' hosted by Dr.Sneha, Founder of Orikalankini. 


The session lasted for 45 minutes, with a particular focus on mental health and premenstrual disorders such as PMS, PMDD and PME. Before taking questions from the audience, Anuhya recollected her experiences of PMDD and her journey of treatment and management. 




Anuhya Korrapati from BeyondBlood was invited to headline an online event 'Menstruation and Over Lives' where she addressed the audience on the Menstrual-Mental Health Movement, Menstruation and Mental and her research on menstrual-mental health. The session took place over Zoom on the 24th of May from 4-7:30 PM. The session also saw other panellists working in the menstrual and women's health space such as Huda Shaikh, Amruta Ray, Sivaranjani Ganapathy, Prashanti Ganesh and Dr.Sruthi Tejus. 


Himani Rathore from BeyondBlood was a speaker at the 'Menstrual Hygiene Month Health Talkies' where she candidly spoke about her Research on Menstrual Products and addressed the audiences on the Research Landscape for Women's Health in India. The session took place on 17th May and lasted from 4-6:30 PM. 



Anuhya Korrapati from BeyondBlood went live on Instagram along with Rangeen Khidki on the 7th of May at 8:30 PM. The session primarily focused on 'Understanding Menstruation Beyond The Realms of Hygiene'. This was a session of great interest to BeyondBlood since BeyondBlood believes in addressing menstruation through a life-cycle approach.